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Do you love to invest in Cybercafe Business but you do not really know how to Set it up or Manage it?


You are thinking of Closing Down your UNPROFITABLE Cybercafe?

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Business opportunity now abounds for Business-oriented and ambitious Ladies and Gentlemen who are seriously interested in making it “BIG” from SME Cybercafé, such people should not hesitate to Contact Us below:
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Thanks to the emerging Internet Services provided by the various Global System of Mobile Communication operators that have spread across the nation. Aspiring Cybercafé business woman and young men can now setup a cybercafé that offers them broadband speeds without having to pay highly for Modems, VSAT, Satellite Dish, high cost of installation of equipment, exorbitant Monthly subscription by the famous ISPs and getting a low speed browsing in the end without any thought of compensating their clients.
All this is now history, as the GSM companies have risen to the occasion. Most of them (VISAFONE, Mobitel, SWIFT 4G LTE, Multilink, MTN 3G, ETISALAT 3.75G Easyblaze, GLO 3Gplus, AIRTEL) now offers fast speed broadband Internet through their 3G Networks, Submarine Cables and Fiber Optic to the populace while also considering smart business people, who desire to use it for business and rake in BIG money at their detriment for the development and growth of Small & Medium-scale Enterprises in Nigeria, in order to boost our economy.
You can now use any of the aforementioned Networks to setup a Cybercafé with a minimum of 5 clients PC apart from the Server and a maximum of 9 clients PCs paying only between (N4,500–N7,000) monthly while you make big money giving little to ISP. This service can also be deployed in Home/Offices, Organizations, Schools, Ministries, Government Offices, Public places to offer fast speed broadband internet services that is out of this world.
Quickly check to see which internet network is available for use in your location or you can call the respective customer care centers or lines of the networks concerned to inquire from them.
Remember, Information brings Transformation and the first set of people to hijack and utilize this opportunity always make the biggest money while those who follow the steps later make less money.
We will work it through with you. Just make 75% advance payment of the total capital involved. Then, we go through the arduous, tedious and stressful task of buying the best Quality Computer Equipment, installation of Operating System, Networking of the Systems, buying and selecting the best Internet Network for your location, paying for subscription, internet connectivity sharing on the networks, we install a full version Operating and Active Timing and Billing Software (TBS) and train you on how to use it to calculate your profits. We also give you guarantee on all our computer hardware and equipment while we back you in maintenance and management of your cybercafé anywhere anytime.
Finally, we setup the cybercafé for you, while you sit back, relax and watch us do the magic work with keen interest. We connect other peripherals including your printers, scanners, thumbprint/fingerprint scanners to the existing Server and Clients PCs on the network and your Cybercafé will be up and running in minutes. All these would be covered in our affordable, considerate and the cheapest SME Cybercafé quotation while you pay us little for all the works.
Hurry now and give us a call!!
Heavens help those who help themselves!!!
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